Digital Futures in the Making: Imaginaries, Politics, and Materialities (Arbeitstagung 2022) 14 & 15-16.09.2022

von | Jun 30, 2022

Digital processes and their profound impact on everyday lives are connected to various, sometimes contradictory imaginations and scenarios. What will digital futures look like, and what directions are possible and desirable? How do ideas of digital futures already shape the present? This conference aims to explore processes of emergence, improvisation, and contingency in developing, designing, and using digital media and technologies. It ties into the study of future-making, an emerging field in anthropology, connecting the perspective from the past and present as an object of anthropological inquiry with the orientation on the (near) future. Futures (in plural) relate both to the creation of imaginations as well as practices of the possible in situations of everyday life, where ‘living’ and the idea of a good life is at stake. 

This conference discusses research on how we should live in the digital age, on the mundanisation of digital technologies and on digital infrastructuring and materialities as well as on the futures of digital anthropology and open science. We deliberately address a broad spectrum of research fields.

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