Going public?

von | Jun 19, 2014

Dear fellow social anthropologists,
cultural anthropologists,
European ethnographers
or however you might call yourself,

„TRANSFORMATIONS – A new voice on culture, politics, and change“ takes the idea of „an engaging anthropology“ seriously by adding our anthropological voice to public discourse. We, five post graduate social anthropologists, started this project with one simple question: Why are we doing research? We belief that our very ethnographic perspective has quite a lot to offer (critical potential, deep analysis, etc.). But in order to be heard, we need to write in a way that goes beyond the classical academic jargon. The idea of our blog is to translate our social anthropological research (or parts of this research) into a language that will be read and understood not only by our fellow colleagues. If we don`t do this translation work, economists and political scientists will (and are doing so right now).

How does your researched theme, field or phenomenon change our societies, and what might be its political, social, economic and cultural consequences when we look at it from a social anthropological point of view? We are pretty sure all of you have quite a lot to say!

…if you do like the idea of the blog,
…if you think that taking a stand within public discourse is a value for itself,
…if you would like to publish in a shorter, more open and creative way than a scientific article allows you to do,

…get in touch with us. This is our call for contributions!

TRANSFORMATIONS – A new voice on culture, politics, and change:


And feel free to spread the word to your colleagues, docs, post-docs and students as well.

Kind regards,
The Team
(Andreas, Angela, Daniel, Miriam and Seraina)